CI Introduction


CI Introduction

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CI Introduction

CI이미지,대통령직속 저출산고령사회위원회
C.I.(Corporate Identity) is the core part of all visual communication tools to promote the Presidential Committee on Aging Society and Population Policy at home and abroad, which was launched with the aim to tackle low birth and population aging in Korea. What do the shapes & colors mean?

- The multiple human-like figures symbolize the Committee’s will to overcome low birth, and the rectangular shape means balance.

- The red color at the bottom left corner represents the Committee’s passion and initiative to raise fertility rates.

- The silvery grey color symbolizes modern times as well as order, accuracy, precision and balance. This color signifies the Committee’s determination to actively cope with the current crisis and ultimately achieve balance in the future.

- The blue color of the letter logo represents trust and confidence which are the core values of the Committee.


- The signature of the Presidential Committee on Aging Society and Population Policy is the most effective combination of the symbol mark and the logo type.

* Caution: The font, color, boldness, letter spacing and proportion of the signature may not be altered.

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